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Young Investigator Award
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Geraldine Dietz Fox Young Investigator Award




2016 Award Winner

Stephen David, PhD



2015 Award Winner

Alan Cheng, MD, PhD




1998 to 2014: Burt Evans Award


2014 Award Winner

Ronna Hertzano, MD, PhD



2013 Award Winner

Patrick O. Kanold, PhD



2012 Award Winner

Virginia Best, PhD




2011 Award Winner

Konstantina M. Stankovic MD, PhD



2010 Award Winner

Daniel J. Tollin, PhD




2009 Award Winner

John V. Brigande, PhD



2008 Award Winner

Lisa L. Cunningham, PhD



2007 Award Winner

Karina S. Cramer, PhD


2006 Award Winner

Jeffrey R. Holt, PhD 




2005 Award Winner

Stefan Heller, PhD


2004 Award Winner

Elisabeth Glowatzki, PhD




2003 Award Winner

John P. Carey, MD



2002 Award Winner

Anthony Ricci, PhD




2001 Award Winner

Jennifer S. Stone, PhD



2000 Award Winner

Matthew W. Kelley, PhD




1999 Award Winner

Karen B. Avraham, PhD



1998 Award Winner

Henry J. Adler, PhD 




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